Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil.
Van Bang Le
Diplom (Math), Promotion (Math) TU Berlin, Habilitation (CS) Uni Rostock

Universität Rostock, Institut für Informatik
Albert-Einstein-Straße 22, D-18059 Rostock

Büro: Zimmer 259   Telefon: +49 381 498-7675
Email: van-bang.le [at]

Lehre / Teaching

Winter 2018/19:

23507: Logik und Berechenbarkeit
23534: Algorithmen, Komplexität und Kryptographie

Sommer 2018:

23090: Graphenmodelle in der Informatik
23817: Vortragsseminar Kryptographie
23438: Operations Research

Forschung / Research

Here is a full list of my publications with some papers available on-line and links to my co-authors; a not complete bibliographic information is provided by DBLP Bibliography Server.

Graph Class Zoo / Theory of Computing: Recent posts

Please note that I have no opportunities for internships.